• Text, images, prelanding/landing of the push notification campaign should be relevant to each other and to the ad offer.
  • Fraud is strictly prohibited. For push-notifications, the wording "You won!", "You have a million in your account" and others are not allowed. Sponsored surveys are strictly prohibited.
  • Fake messages "You've got (1) new message", "(1) message from A...", "Your gift is ready" are forbidden.
  • Erotic images, partially or fully naked people, images of sexual acts and imitation of genitals in erection are forbidden. Adult dating without age verification on the prelanding page is prohibited. It is forbidden to use words "penis", "cock" and etc. in push notification text.
  • Propaganda of terrorism, extremism, religious organizations (or any officially banned organizations), calls for military actions, arms sales, trafficing, prostitutions and so on are prohibited.
  • Advertising of medicinal products is prohibited. Either advertising any type of distribution of alcoholic products is prohibited.
  • System notifications are prohibited, such wording in creative and offers are not allowed: "1 update of Android", "564 virus detected", etc. Using "may be" is allowed.
  • Strictly forbidden to use scary elements in the offers and the creatives, the texts from the category "Your phone is blowing up", vibration, nonreclosable windows, etc.
  • Subscibes on push-notifications are prohibited. Subscribes on clickunder offers are strictly forbidden.
  • Auto downloading soft or APK are prohibited. Offers containing malware files will be rejected.
  • Strictly forbidden to mention the names and logos of government agencies, TV-channels, political figures in case of misinformation about financing or participation.
  • Shock content is strictly prohibited: disgusting, repulsive, scary images - both in the offers and in the creatives.
  • Use of contact information (such as phone numbers, e-mail, etc) on the icons, pictures and in the text of creative is forbidden.
  • Strictly prohibitted any advertising of illicit drugs (including CBD) and/or narcotic drugs organic or inorganic origin.
  • Advertising rewarded ads, BUX clubs etc is forbidden.
  • Using well known brands and logos when there's no connection with the offer as well as use of active logos of existing messengers is strictly forbidden.
  • Running mobile subscription offers without indication of subscription terms is prohibited.
  • Advertising high risk investments or shady enrichment schemes id forbidden.
  • All kinds of auto redial offers are strictly prohibitted.
  • Advertising of medical supplies (such as medical masks, gloves, bandages, protective outfits, disposable protective suits etc) without medical license is strictly prohibited.

Cloacking on prohibited content is stricly forbidden. Violation of the following rule will lead to an immediate ban of the account with no refund.

The administration of the advertising network reserves the right to reject any advertising campaigns without explaining the reasons.

This list of rules is not complete. The administration reserves the right at its own discretion to change or supplement the rules at any time without prior and subsequent notice.

The Administration reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify or supplement the rules at any time without prior and subsequent notice.

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