If you cannot find answers to your questions or need more information about your campaign, please, do not hesitate to contact our support team via mail or our official telegram chat.

1. How can I top up my balance?

At the moment you can top up using WebMoney, Credit/Debit Cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay. You can check out the full list in your personal account on the payment tab. If you cannot find a comfortable way to refill your balance, get in touch with our managers to find another way.

2. What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum amount is $50. Take into account that the minimum amount for launching Popunder campaigns is $50.

3. Where can I check the requirements for creatives?

You can check all the rules here.

4. How can I add a new campaign/creative?

The detailed guide on how to add new creatives you can find here.

5. How do I set up a postback?

You can check this guide.

6. How should I select a bid?

To select a bid use this board. We update data regularly. You can also see the data in the new section we publish once a week.

7. What targetings are available?

We have the following targets: GEO, OS, Device, ISP, Subscription Age, Language, Network, Black and White listing.

8. How long does the moderation take?

Moderation can take up to 20 min.

9. How long does it take until the creative starts getting traffic?

Launching a campaign can take up to 20 min.

10. How can I know why my creative was rejected?

You can always check the rejection reason by pushing the edit button.

11. Why does my creative receive a low amount of impressions?

- Narrow target

- Low bid

- The limit was setted on the creative/campaign

12. Why doesn't the campaign receive traffic?

Take into account that your campaign starts after 15-20 minutes. Another reason can be that your campaign/creative reached the limit or your bid is too low. Check our spreadsheet to get actual information about our bids.

13. Why am I getting clicks when the campaign is already stopped?

Not every ad is viewed by the user instantly and due to the time it is actually shown to the user it is counted in data. This delay could overrun campaign duration time.

14. How can I run an adult campaign?

In order to do so you need to add age verification and non adult prelander. Violation of this leads to an account ban.

For more information, check all the rules.

15. What is your minimum bid?

Our bid starts at 0.0001 USD.

16. What is the Win rate and why do I need it?

Win rate indicates the number of the auctions that you win in percentage. The higher the Win rate the higher volume of traffic you're getting.

17. How can I add black/white lists?

To set white/black lists choose the creative and push the "Edit" button.

In the "Sources" section, you will see a field and two tabs. Choose the list that you need and fill it in with source IDs. The data can be separated by comma or each source ID can be placed on the new line. More details here.

To collect Source IDs you can pass this parameter in the link or you can check statistics (filter by sourceid). More details about adding creatives here.

18. How does the balance affect the traffic on the CPC model?

The traffic slows down when the balance has reached $50 on the CPC model.

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